Can you stand a slimline Filofax to look like this?

I moved into a slimline Adelphi this week since I found personal Malden to be too bulky to carry around. I put the cotton cream week per view of the rest of 2012 in the and also month per view I got from My life all in one place. I’ve also put in less than 10 pages of note paper to keep notes for my research and teaching.
Some of my credit cards are in the front cover slots since I also want to use this as a wallet.

At the very end, I have a clear plastic envelope to carry some cash and receipts.


So that is the complete setup. However the Adelphi still feels and looks bulky… I really would like the front cover to lay flat.


If I try to add in my homemade dashboard, it will be even worse… And it becomes impossible to turn the pages.


Is there anyway to optimize this? Or the contents inside has to compromise to make it slimmer?


6 thoughts on “Can you stand a slimline Filofax to look like this?

  1. I have recently started to use a slimline Holborn as a wallet. I only have one thin pen that remains in the pen loop. One little flat of post-its in a pocket. No dashboard, no diary beyond the MO2P, one directory for phone numbers, one zipped envelope, and a section for projects, maps and driving directions. I think you need to prioritize your Filofax a bit more. Keep only what is essential to a wallet, not so much what goes into a day planner. Good luck! You have a beautiful Slimline. 🙂

    • Wendy, thank you for the suggestions. I think I will get rid of the dashboard(put it back into Malden), and only keep 3 to 5 pages of each post it in the pocket.

    • Hi Steve, I agree with you. I should come up with another solution to carry post it with me. I also like your idea of a compact. 🙂 I’ve been thinking about a compact metropol but could not find any that is not in black.

  2. I have recently also got a slimline Adelphi which I love. If I put my cards in the front it does make it a little bulkier, but the cover does still lie fairly flat. I agree with Steve, maybe a compact would work better as it seems you just have too much in there, but find the Malden too bulky? Good luck 🙂

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