DIY bargains to fit in my Filofax (1)

I stopped by target and university bookstore on Wednesday to clear my mind since I’ve been very sad and cannot focus on anything after our cat has been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer this Monday. We have not given up on her. An appointment has been made with a famous oncologist for next Monday. But I just need to focus on something else to stop thinking that she might die soon.

I found 2 different sizes dated monthly/weekly refills on the clearance rack in target. They are from July 2012 to Dec 2013. They looked like to be able to fit in personal and A5 with some minor modification.
The one for personal. The price is $4.18

The one for A5

The first one has the same ring spacing and height as standard Filofax personal refill but a little wider. I trimmed the excess part off.


The paper quality is pretty good. About the same thickness (a little bit thicker in my opinion) of the cotton cream refills from Filofax. The monthly view are inserted in the weekly planner pages. At the beginning of each month, there is a page todo’s, and there is a note page at the end of each month.





There is also an overall year view at the very beginning.


The A5 one is a bit narrower and taller. I didn’t have enough time to do all the cutting yet. I might not get started on that until I need A5 refills for 2013. The content is exactly the same as the personal one.


Another amazing bargain I found in the university bookstore is this notepaper refill. It is from the same company as the planner refills, Mead. They are only $1.25 per pack with 80 sheets. It is exactly the same size as Filofax personal. The paper quality is slightly better than the white week-on-two-page paper from Filofax but thinner than cotton cream. I also looked it up online, sellers on amazon sell it for $5 per pack at least.


Try your local supermarket and office suppliers. There might be some great stuff on the clearance shelf.
Thanks for reading. Prayers for my cat.



Treatment with shea butter lotion smooth away scratch marks on my Malden!!

I mentioned in my previous post that I was very upset about the scratch marks on my Malden. I decided to make her indoor and gave her a treatment with shea butter lotion(5% shea butter in it). After only 2 hours of treatment, all the lotion were absorbed. I took her out of the ziplock bag and applied 100% shea butter on her.

Now, after two days of “recovery”, the scratch marks on her seems to be smoothed away. If I look very hard, I can still find them but they are neglectable.

In each picture, left side is before treatment, right side is after treatment.

How to keep my orche Malden scratch free

The other reason that I stopped carrying my Malden around with me is that I found multiple scratches on her after less than one month of use. I think one of these might be my nail scratch. My nails are not that long, actually they are short nails.

Please click on the image to view it in fullsize.

Everytime I look at my Malden I just cannot help to touch the scratches as if I could smooth them away. I checked other filofaxer’s picture of orche Malden and didnot find very obvious scratches. I might have been too rude to her. She is gonna stay home for a while.

Now I’ve moved everthing out of Malden and just gave it a “nivea treatment” with shea butter lotion. This is the best lotion I have. I don’t think it can get rid of the scratches, but just to make myself feel better.

Can you stand a slimline Filofax to look like this?

I moved into a slimline Adelphi this week since I found personal Malden to be too bulky to carry around. I put the cotton cream week per view of the rest of 2012 in the and also month per view I got from My life all in one place. I’ve also put in less than 10 pages of note paper to keep notes for my research and teaching.
Some of my credit cards are in the front cover slots since I also want to use this as a wallet.

At the very end, I have a clear plastic envelope to carry some cash and receipts.


So that is the complete setup. However the Adelphi still feels and looks bulky… I really would like the front cover to lay flat.


If I try to add in my homemade dashboard, it will be even worse… And it becomes impossible to turn the pages.


Is there anyway to optimize this? Or the contents inside has to compromise to make it slimmer?